Friday, March 19, 2010

Demonstration Speech Self-Eval

So, as I watch my demo-speech video, I have to laugh, because I know that as a more outgoing person, when I am nervous, I become quiter and look down at the floor more! Haha. But really, I stated the relevance of the topic and a little info on the topic, which was a good start and end to the speech. My speech was well organized, and the steps had their own spot, although I didn’t break the steps down in a simple way. There were also 12 full steps to my sequence, not 5. I suppose I could have broken the steps down to 6 full steps, since the first six are just repeated once again to make “twelve” steps. This was not very good, and I think I did this, partly because I went first, but also because yoga, being something one does, flows very quickly … well, I should have given the steps more attention anyway.

I did have energy and enthusiasm, though it was a little difficult to share with the entire class, and not just the two volunteers up there with me. My volume was a little quieter than I had hoped for. My body language was good, I thought, at least adequate, especially since I was busy doing yoga. Equally, my demonstration of the topic, I think was great, but yoga is something you have to do fully if you do it at all. But my eye contact was not good enough, so, I needed more.
My visual aid (my mat) was effective, and my tiny poster was passed around, and might have proved helpful, but my more helpful visual aids were my volunteer demonstrators, especially since they were just learning. They were very interesting to watch *visual interest*.
I would choose the same topic again, because I think it is a simple thing to demonstrate and is highly physical, thus, it must be demonstrated to be learned. Like I said before, I would talk louder, make more eye contact, and break the steps into 6 instead of 12 steps, and give the steps more time space and attention. If I could change one thing about my speech, it would be this, that the steps were simpler and more obvious.

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