Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peer Response to Esperanza's lsc 100 blog

"Wow,Esperanza, you really know how to make Mexican food!" Was the first thought that came to mind while reading Esperanza’s lsc 100 blog. I never had the slightest clue as to what went into making “Mexican rice,” and it was quite an epiphany to discover from reading her blog that the uncooked rice is first sautéed, and then boiled. It makes sense.
I can only imagine what your mother and grandmothers’ cooking is like, if it is far from yours, which sounds carefully thought-out – nice. I have had authentic Mexican food a couple of times before; once in Mexico I had tortilla soup, and it was great! I really like La Hacienda of Madison.
I agree with Addie that “we have to consciously push ourselves to be better cooks,” because if you don’t like to cook, you should know, that for great things like cooking, one learns to enjoy them. I do disagree with Addie’s unstated assumption that cooking a family meal was an easy task in the past; yes restaurants equate with no work, but making a meal is just as much work now as it was before, and just because mom had to do it, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give her more credit – she was vital and should be better appreciated. Also, I think it is kind of pathetic that someone has to write a whole blog about how to “find the joy in cooking” – the title should more aptly be, “how to be joyous.” I doubt there is a way to learn “how” to find joy or have joy in anything. People have joy because they do, and it is in them, it is not necessarily cultivated. It is like having gratitude; wanting what you already have, and not more.

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  1. i just love the mexican are lucky jessica if you know how to cook mexican food..