Sunday, March 7, 2010

Peer Response No. 1

Today I am responding to "Laura's Life Science Communication Blog," for "Prepare a Meal," from March 3, 2010.
I appreciate the fact that Laura views science's technological advances so positively, for when reading a book like Pollan's that can seem to demonize our "progress," it is nice to remember that frozen dinners are a blessing, and not a curse.
Of course, I don't think Pollan was trying to say that Christianity caused us to become overly concerned with nutrients; but it is simple fact that Puritanism has it's roots in our cultures' development.
While I agree that "low-fat processed foods" cannot be fully blamed for causing the obesity epidemic, low-fat or not, the underlying point is that they are processed, and they do contribute greatly to obesity.
When you said, "it doesn't matter what you eat, but how the food makes you feel," you would probably greatly please Pollan, because I think he would like to see Americans enjoying their cuisines to a greater extent.
And then your common sense rules kind of contradict this/but are probably smart, nonetheless. Pollan just came out with a new book that is all about what "commonsense rules" to have when approaching eating.
Well, I enjoyed reading your blog!

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