Monday, April 19, 2010

Peer Response

I love pickles! My mom ate them a lot when she was pregnant with me, so maybe that's why. I don't know. But homemade dill pickles are absolutely the perfect partner for a summer barbecue, as stated in Jo's LSC blog. What is amazing is how many vitamins and minerals cucumbers actually contain. Furthermore, it is amazing how beneficial pickles can be for one's bacteria-flora when they are fermented, as mentioned in the article linked to by Jo. Unfortuanately, most of us don't eat these types of pickles. Yet, homemade pickles made with vinegar, water and fewer ingredients than those in the store are better simply because of what they don't contain... extra chemicals and preservatives, like Polysorbate 80, which can cause infertility, and Yellow Number 5. These things are just not needed! If you would like to make your own pickles, I found a nice recipe recipe for them. Well, despite how much I love homemade pickles, and how much simpler they are than the processed kind, I will not shy away from these preservative-plentiful-pickles. Instead, I will enjoy them now, and one day, like Jo, I hope to can some like her grandmother and mine.

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