Friday, April 30, 2010

Peer Response

Ok so I don't know that much about sports. And even though I have been "taught" many times about the rules of the game of football, I still don't really understand what is going on! But, reading Austin's blog was interesting, and I didn't even know before that there was a college-football controversy that existed over whether there should be a play-off system, or the same Bowl Championship Series that exists now.
Reading over the articles that Austin referred to, I have to say, at first I was thinking that the idea that teams don't "win" the right the the championship on the field, is kind of stupid. It makes me think that either
1) college football is just for fun so everyone should get a chance to play in the BCS like TCU coach says in this article, or
2) College football is a place where the players want to work for their spot in the limelight.
I think this BCS worked in the past, and might still function the way it is supposed to, but change would probably be a better thing, to add spice to college sports and keep it up to date with the changing times. After all, the fans have a say, as they do in the picking of the teams to play in the BCS. Maybe they would rather have playoffs.
So, I am not much of a fan, but I agree with Austin that there should be playoffs. Yet, I don't know how this would come about, but it can, no doubt.

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